How to Get Media Exposure for Your Film Launch

Many of the indie films our crew has effectively represented often had restrained budgets. So how can you get the media to observe you with out spending lots each month on PR?

Quick Steps

Tell your story. Whether your movie is a documentary, sci-fi, romance, mystery or motion movie, your movie synopsis has to catch the eye and ears of the media.

Find your hook! The hook may be why you made the film, any challenges you experienced, or possibly the lead man or woman or manufacturers have a first-rate backstory. If it’s a documentary, why this film will change thinking or enlighten the target market. If fiction, who stimulated or if it’s based on an real ‘event’. The spin is the tale at the back of your film.

Every single person concerned in the making of your film has a story and an angle you can pursue media.

Must Have’s

Create an Electronic Press Kit

(EPK) Your digital press kit includes a picture’s and films as well as quick interviews you’re your most important forged and group.

While filming you want to do off the set interviews with the forged, the director and manufacturers that can be edited for the EPK.

Have them answer top questions the media would possibly ask about the movie.

If your movie consists of computer graphics interview the artists, or if filming in a completely unique area spotlight that within the footage. These are future ‘promoting’ factors for media and movie competition submissions. You can also consist of a short trailer inside the EPK.

Important: Make positive any song used within the EPK is cleared for broadcast. You do not want to should backpedal and ask media to now not use the soundtrack.

Your Film Synopsis- You can choose the duration

The lengthy synopsis

This will encompass one single page that you want to make double-spaced. You can inform the story in approximately ¾ of the page. The latter can include any anecdotes approximately the making if your movie, and why it will stick out from different films.

The medium synopsis

Once again, it ought to be a ¾ page lengthy in which you summarize the film, but make it concise and to the factor. The last few strains can be about the making of the film and why your movie is unique.


quick synopsis

The quick synopsis format have to be no longer than half of the web page. Once once more, ¾ is your concise tale about the movie, highlight factors to be able to grab hobby, with the previous few strains about the manufacturing and why the movie will stand out.

Bios of Cast and Crew

Your EPK includes bios of all of the key players concerned within the film, from the manufacturers, writers, composer, director, director of images, actors and manufacturing fashion designer. Include beyond work revel in, as an example, any regarded films that the crew changed into a part of in the beyond. Anything precise so one can grasp the attention of the media is precious.